Step 1.   Download and install WV-ASM300.

asm33 start1

We strongly recommend That you create a Restore point before Continuing.

Click the Operation Software (Red Arrow) on the desktop to start the software.


Step 2.   Get registration key

asm300 reg1


Click on the register button. You will be provided with the next image showing your computers unique MPR ID number.


asm300 reg2

Make note of this number and click on the following link in your browser:


Login with the default credentials as shown below.

asm300 reg3

After agreeing to the privacy policy, the following Information screen must be filled out.

asm300 reg5


Fill in the required information and click 'Next Step'. After reviewing the information
entered and clicking to continue, a new, personal User ID and Password will
be issued as shown in the next image. These will be used, along with the
ASM300 Lite activation key# and registration code, to obtain your
Registration key from the following screen.

Your private login information will now be issued. Don't lose them.

asm300 reg6a


Using the User ID and Password just received, login to the same site

as above . This screen is next. Click on 'Issue Registration Key'.

asm300 re11

asm300 re12

Be sure to select the choice shown for WV-ASM300. After clicking 'Next Step', you will enter

the MPR ID from the step above in Step 2. Use the following information inStep3:

asm300 lite key

Your key will be issued after Step 4 and 5 are done. We can't show this as fictitious numbers
were used and continuing without real numbers is not possible.


asm300 reg9


This is the opening screen. Click on the Settings button (Gear) in the top bar.

All setup is done from here