This is a Power Point Presentation showing the Winsted products for complete control room design.

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This is a virtual tour of a Winsted Sight-Line command center. (Click to view)




Sight-Line, Winsted's next generation control room console, builds upon the success of our popular Slim-Line command console. Sight-Line's modular design allows for flexibility and expandability in control room console configurations to fit any space requirement, user need, or budget. Sight lines and viewing angles are critical in today's LCD driven command and control room environments. To address this issue, Sight-Line command consoles feature an integrated Versa-Trak monitor array system, which allows the ultimate in adjustability. The Versa-Track system allows users to optimize and easily modify sight lines and viewing angles based on personal needs. Whether you need a single workstation or a complete control room, Sight-Line command consoles are perfect for all installations.