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towerserver 1

Tower Servers


racksrver 2

1U and 2U Rack Servers


rackserver 1

1U Rack Server with 4U Chassis  For 20 Drives

Tower Chassis Model Description Total Storage Usable Storage Chassis RAM Processor Power Supply
NVR-T-1-1-MWS Dell® OptiPlex 9020 N/A N/A Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-MSG Dell® OptiPlex 7020 N/A N/A Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-2TB Dell® OptiPlex 7020 2TB 2TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-4TB Dell® OptiPlex 7020 4TB 4TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-6TB Dell® OptiPlex 7020 6TB 6TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-8TB Dell® OptiPlex 7020 8TB 8TB Tower 4GB Single Single
 NVR-MT-6TB VI Small Form Factor Tower 6TB 3TB Tower 8GB Single Single
NVR-MT-12TB VI Small Form Factor Tower 12TB 7TB Tower 8GB Single Single
NVR-MT-18TB VI Small Form Factor Tower 18TB 11TB Tower 8GB Single Single
NVR-MT-24TB VI Small Form Factor Tower 24TB 14TB Tower 8GB Single Single
 NVR-T-1-1-8TB-A Dell® T320 8TB 5TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-12TB Dell® T320 12TB 8TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-18TB Dell® T320 18TB 14TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-24TB-A Dell® T320 24TB 18TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-36TB-A Dell® T320 36TB 27TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-16TB Dell® T630 16TB 13TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-24TB Dell® T630 24TB 19TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-36TB Dell® T630 36TB 30TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-48TB Dell® T630 48TB 40TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-1-1-60TB Dell® T630 60TB 50TB Tower 4GB Single Single
NVR-T-2-2-16TB Dell® T630E 16TB 13TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-24TB Dell® T630E 24TB 19TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-36TB Dell® T630E 36TB 30TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-48TB Dell® T630E 48TB 40TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-60TB Dell® T630E 60TB 52TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-72TB Dell® T630E 72TB 61TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-84TB Dell® T630E 84TB 66TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-96TB Dell® T630E 96TB 77TB Tower 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-T-2-2-112TB Dell® T630E 112TB 88TB Tower 8GB Dua lDual
Rack Mount Chassis Description Total Storage Usable Storage Chassis RAM Processor Power Supply
NVR-R-1-1-2TB Dell® R220 2TB 2TB 1U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-4TB Dell® R220 4TB 4TB 1U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-6TB Dell® R220 6TB 6TB 1U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-8TB Dell® R220 8TB 8TB 1U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-9TB Dell® R320 9TB 5TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-12TB Dell® R320 12TB 7TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-18TB-A Dell® R320 18TB 11TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-24TB-A Dell® R320 24TB 14TB 2U 4GB Single Single
 NVR-R-1-1-18TB Dell® R530 18TB 13TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-24TB Dell® R530 24TB 18TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-1-1-36TB Dell® R530 36TB 27TB 2U 4GB Single Single
NVR-R-2-2-18TB Dell® R530E 18TB 13TB 2U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-24TB Dell® R530E 24TB 18TB 2U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-36TB Dell® R530E 36TB 27TB 2U 8GB Dual Dual
 NVR-R-2-2-48TB Dell® R730xd-A 48TB 39TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-60TB Dell® R730xd-A 60TB50 TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-72TB Dell® R730xd-B 72TB 61TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-84TB Dell® R730xd-B 84TB 66TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-96TB Dell® R730xd-C 96TB 77TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-112TB Dell® R730xd-B 112TB 88TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-2-2-128TB Dell® R730xd-C 128TB 103TB 4U 8GB Dual Dual
Storage Unit Models Description Total Storage RAID Storage Chassis RAM Processor Power Supply
NVR-R-STG-80TB-4U60 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 80TB 63TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-120TB-4U60 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 120TB 101TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-160TB-4U60 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 160TB 134TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-200TB-4U60 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 200TB 169TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-240TB-4U60 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 240TB 206TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-120TB-4U60-6 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 120TB 95TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-180TB-4U60-6 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 180TB 152TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-240TB-4U60-6 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 240TB 204TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-300TB-4U60-6 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 300TB 250TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual
NVR-R-STG-360TB-4U60-6 Dell® R630E Dell® MD3060e 360TB 311TB 5U 16GB Dual Dual